Travel’s Tune Guide to Gifting Travel

The holidays are finally here and now is the time to start thinking about gifts. Though, we know some of you are ahead of the game. For those who are not, we share four ways on how to gift travel for that person you love.

Know Travel Preferences.  Since you are gifting travel for someone else, do not make the mistake of basing it on your own travel preferences. Make sure that you discuss travel preferences well before you book any travel arrangements. If you know the recipient has been longing to go to a particular destination or event, you’re ahead of the game. If not, bring up the topic of travel and they are sure to open up about their dream travel experiences.

Availability. To make a travel experience a reality, availability is key. Don’t plan an experience without knowing the recipients schedule and/or event schedule. Also, make sure the experience they want is available when they are available. There is nothing worse than creating this amazing gift and realizing that they can’t experience it because of scheduling issues.

To open end or not to open end? That really is the question. In our opinion, we would create the ideal experience and let the recipient decide when they wanted to go. But, if you have all of the information, then go ahead and choose a date, and make it happen.

Utilize a Travel professional. Once you have all of the necessary information, let a travel professional finalize the details. Travel professionals are privy to information that others can not access. Not to mention, they are great at adding details that compliment, or rather, complete the experience. And, having someone else handle the details allows for you to focus on other holiday related task.

Following the list above will prepare you to give the gift of travel. Feel free to share this information to drop a hint or help someone prepare for gifting travel.

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